Rural Transformation

Rural Transformation and Sustainable Livelihoods

Disaster Relief and Preparedness

Re-Imagine Rural Fund


A concessionary, patient, and catalytic financing model providing loans to smallholder farmers, which facilitates the farmer journey from subsistence to commercial farming. Loans are part of a revolving fund with a 2-5 years grace period to ensure farmers access several cycles of funding.


Support under the fund also includes access to markets for the smallholder farmers through facilitation of partnerships with wholesale partners  across the agriculture value chain guaranteeing markets for the commodities produced.

Re-Imagine Rural Training


Training opportunities for young farmers, smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs on the technical aspects of agriculture, entrepreneurship, business, and environment management. Through the support of partners, we provide online and intensive in person farmer training on technical agriculture practices, finance and bookkeeping, environment management, and spiritual resilience.

Institutional Support


Zimbabwe has approximately 100 orphanages across the country. Through our interventions we provide educational, health and livelihoods support to these institutions.



Renewable energy is a catalyst for economic activity, income and improved quality of life. Through the Ugesi Energy initiative, we re-invigorate rural African economies by creating a sustainable business ecosystem which combines energy and agriculture, leveraging on the existing infrastructure of mobile telephone, data, broadband and on-demand platforms.